Wake up, kick ass, repeat.

Hipster Dipshits Ruin Everything

I didn’t make it to the big Interbike festival this year so I didn’t see any of this first hand. From Cyclingnews.com The race was marred by disrespectful fans along the course who threw beer in the riders’ faces each time they passed, causing Van der Haar to tell video broadcasters after the race that […]

Rider Down

If there is anything worse than hearing that as a cyclist I don’t know what it is. I was out walking my dogs when I saw the news of Amy Dombroski on Twitter, I cried right then and there. I did not know Amy personally but she was my sister and we were connected. We […]

Cycling “Fans”

Cycling fans are never happy. Last year everyone bitched that Wiggins was boring, following wheels and waiting for the TT. This year we have Froome attacking every Mt. stage in yellow and blowing the hell out of the race. Now is it all doping talk, power files, VAM bullshit. I have no idea if Froome […]