A Staggering Work of Half Formed Thoughts and Sentence Fragments

So I guess Jan Ullrich won’t be lining up for LeTour this year. Thank you CAS for saving us all. Whatever Jan brought the thunder in his day. I am all for cleaning up the sport and i think it is safe to say cycling is among the cleanest sports out there right now. I really don’t see the point in going after guys who are no longer racing. Lance? Whatever, I don’t care anymore. What is funny in all this is the crying from Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis. Fuck them, they got busted and could have come clean but they didn’t. They played their game of lies and they lost, sucks to be you, life isn’t fair. If those guys really cared about cleaning up the sport they wouldn’t have insulted our intelligence with their bullshit legal defense funds, swearing on their dogs lives and other shenanigans. They have no credibility so it should come as no surprise when no one believes them. Damn I hate talking about this shit. Cycling is the most beautiful sport in the world regardless.

Tommeke, Tomekke, Tomekke, I admit I am a fanboy of Tom Boonen. I hope this is the year he gets his shit in a pile again and reclaims his crown at the classics. Judging by his form at Qatar I might get my wish. This season the Classics filed is deeper than any I can remember. Philippe Gilbert is a straight up gangster and has a scary posse of capos (Thor!) behind him with a thirst for blood. Peter Sagan, if he gets within sight of a finish line with the leaders it is game over though he is a bit unproven on the cobbles. Edvald Boasen Hagen will no doubt have one of the bloodiest sword around when he finally meets Odin in Valhalla. This may be the year he confirms his extraordinary potential. Actually I really like Boasen Hagen, he lets his legs do the talking and he wins with a lot of panache. If he and Boonen were in the final kilometers together I woud really be torn.

I posted on the Facebook page and Google+ about this yesterday about going old school this season. No HR monitor, power meter, GPS, etc. I have reached the point in my cycling career where I don’t need any feedback. I know when I am redlined, I know how long my usual training routes are. I don’t need the distraction. I just want to get on my bike and ride until I stop. I may backpedal a bit on the GPS as I have a few endurance MTB events on my calendar, knowing how much is left might be useful. Who knows? Never say never.


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