big ring cross

Near the turn of the century a water damaged set of parchment scrolls written in a strange dialect of Flemish was found in the sacred shrine atop the Muur van Geraardsbergen. It was hidden from public view and thought to be lost during the Great War. Our secret contact in Flanders has found them and under great risk is translating them and sending excerpts to COTBR. We have sworn to live in service of The Big Ring, to honor those who rode before us, respect those who ride with us, and to lay the foundation of those who will ride after us.

Living in the 801 (Utah) you get a pretty weird view of religion. Until I moved here no one had ever asked me what I was (religion wise).  For years I my standard answer was “I go to the Church of the Big Ring every Sunday”.  How people responded to that answer generally would tell me everything I would need to know about that person.  This site is the progression of that answer.  My hope is to build an online community of like minded people to share stories of our versions of heaven, hell and everything in between. Feel free to submit stories, pictures, haiku’s, finger painting’s and locations of good fish taco joints.

Big Ring is not making fun of or promoting any other religion. Big Ring is all about giving your all every day in everything you do. It is about being respectful, of your sport, your gifts, and your fellow competitor. We all have our own Big Ring, we owe it to ourselves to find it and push the boundaries of it every day. Yes many of us race and find validation and solace in that, but true Big Ring is riding for the sake of the ride. Riding for you, challenging what you thought possible. When you ride like that there is no defeat.


The Rev