And So It Begins

Depending on what part of the country you live in the early season races are starting to pop up. If you live in a place that has winter this usually means driving 12-14 hours to blind people with your ghostly white legs that have not seen the sun since October.

Valley of The Sun

If Race Flyers Were Honest

All those hours on your trainer watching Paris Roubaix reruns will finally pay off big time right? Lets hope. Back in the day I did my fair share of driving crazy hours to get that first taste of competition. More often than not I was greeted by the stark reality of trying to make my big base miles mesh with the tanned leg mid season fitness of the AZ, SoCal riders. Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight. A bit of humble pie is good for the soul. I would come back with a renewed sense of urgency. The sugary snacks went away, intervals got serious, social life disappeared. Shit got real.

So to all my friends pinning on numbers in the coming weeks keep things in perspective. It is still winter, go race your ass off, stay upright and take it easy on me when you get back.

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