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R.I.P Mr. Thomson

Long ago I travelled to Sin City with a bunch of crazy Norwegians. Our mission was to find a distributor or manufacturer for the G-Shok, a suspension seatpost. This when hardtails were pretty much all you could get unless you wanted a 40lb full suspension bike to ride chairlifts with. Other than the amusement of […]

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Living In The Big Ring

Living in the Big Ring.  It is something that many aspire to but few truely achieve.  The journey is the point.  Destinations are easy to reach and once there are, they seldom provide what we thought they would.  The best lessons, the best stories come from the time between point A and point B.  Go live […]

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Brothers and Sisters

Welcome to The Church Of The Big Ring, your online source of 2 wheeled salvation. I am pretty sure God, Jah, Allah, Buddha, Merckx, whoever lifts your skirt theologically speaking rides a bike. The economy of motion, the ability to glide silently with the natural world or crush your enemies with a wicked attack. From […]

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