Big Ring Cycling Jersey – Kit

Big Ring Jersey

I know it is July and I should be talking about A Tour of France but honestly I have yet to watch a stage. Not hating just busy with a lot of “stuff”. Anyway yes it is July and likely hot as balls where you are but that does not mean it is too early […]

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Crusher In The Tushar Bike 2015

cyclocross wheels

Was goofing around on Periscope yesterday talking about my Crusher In The Tushar bike set up for 2015. Let me know what you think about the set up and about Periscope in the comments. BTW my username on Periscope is the same as my Twitter name: @REvBigRing I pretty much live on smoothies

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The Joker: Oleg Tinkov

Oleg Tinkov

I go back and forth on my opinion of Oleg Tinkov. He has no filter and says whatever he wants with zero fucks given, his Twitter feed is a stream of consciousness look into the mind of a madman. That, I like. I don’t always agree with what he says but generally I think he […]

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Obligatory Tour of France Predictions Post

So I guess I need to make some predictions about A Tour Of France? I am more of a Classics guy myself and honestly Grand Tours kind of bore me. The mountain stages are cool when the big boys come out to play but for the most part it is conservative defensive racing which kind […]

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Cyclocross Skills On The Road

I am gonna come right out and say it. Stage racers are largely a bunch of pussies. Last year at A Tour de France it rained on the cobbles and most of the “contenders” were rendered flaccid. (not to mention the crying after) All except for Vincenzo Nibali. Today we saw a similar result at […]

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Pardon Our Dust

cyclocross dust

I know I have said this before but I am injecting new life into this little project. More cyclocross, some road and dirt sprinkled in and washed down with some serious attitude and beverage of choice. I will be monkeying with the site a lot over the next few days so it will likely look […]

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Wiggins Hour, The Legend

In my work as a strength coach I love giving people workouts that challenge them both physically and mentally. A favorite is the 2000 meter row for time on a Concept 2 erg. For guys 7 minutes is the standard. Does not sound too bad does it? Try it and get back to me. It […]

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Find Some Fun

Top Of The Climb

The spring is the my favorite tome to ride. Reacquainting with trails after a long winter is like a rebirth. Every high elevation ride this time of year is a ride into the unknown. How low is the snow, how many trees are down, how muddy is it, cyclocross bike or mountain bike? Any given […]

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Giro Officials Blow It

The Grand Tours are supposed to highlight the best our sport has to offer. The best riders, courses, best racing, and the best officials. In the 2015 Giro that last point is clearly missing. In the case of Richie Porte yes he did break a rule by taking a wheel from another team. The spirit […]

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Hipster Dipshits Ruin Everything

I didn’t make it to the big Interbike festival this year so I didn’t see any of this first hand. From The race was marred by disrespectful fans along the course who threw beer in the riders’ faces each time they passed, causing Van der Haar to tell video broadcasters after the race that […]

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