Brothers and Sisters

Welcome to The Church Of The Big Ring, your online source of 2 wheeled salvation.

I am pretty sure God, Jah, Allah, Buddha, Merckx, whoever lifts your skirt theologically speaking rides a bike. The economy of motion, the ability to glide silently with the natural world or crush your enemies with a wicked attack. From the intensity of ‘cross to the serenity of an alpine singletrack when we ride we are in tune with the world, our machine, our mind and our body.

The Church Of The Big Ring embraces all aspects of cycling culture and theologies. Come and testify, accept The Big Ring. Salvation, redemption, the secrets of the universe? Probably not. Community for crack pot ideas, racing, alley cats, fixies, single speeds, 10 speed, 5 speed, 8 track, choppers, big wheels, Evel Knievil stories, home brewing, fart jokes, El Chupacabra sightings? Yeah, that we can do.

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