Burn Baby Burn

What a shit show. Lance is banned for doping. Of course he doped, they all doped and he should have been caught. Just like Tyler, Floyd, Ullrich, Pantani, Heras, Basso, Ricco…. None of them deserve our sympathy, they cheated they lied they took the big gamble for the big reward and failed. Fuck them.

Cycling is still the most beautiful sport on Earth but we all know professional sports are dirty. If American Football had testing like cycling there would be almost no one left. 300lb men don’t run a 40 under 5 seconds clean, they just don’t. Even friggin’ race walkers are doping. RACE WALKERS?!

As long as there is a pay check involved there will be drugs in sports. Does that mean we should open it up and make it a free for all? Hell no. Go after the bastards with everything we have. Lifetime ban and payback every penny of contract and sponsor money for the first offense.

No other sport has gone after dopers like cycling but it is clear from all the Lance bullshit that the UCI is totally corrupt. They took blood money form Lance in Bruyneel and they made things “go away”. Verbruggen and McQuad should be looking at lifetime bans as well. Clean house in Aigle and get some fresh blood in there. Throw the bums out.

Obviously Bruyneel is the next shoe to drop. On his personal blog he is predictably playing the victim card:

“Today, I’m disappointed for Lance and for cycling in general that things have reached a stage where Lance feels that he has had enough and is no longer willing to participate in USADA’s campaign against him,” Bruyneel wrote. “Lance has never withdrawn from a fair fight in his life so his decision today underlines what an unjust process this has been.”

For me the best part of this is Bruyneel going down. He was a classless rider and a classless thug of a director. He deserves everything coming to him. He is bad for cycling.

Whatever Lance’s sins on the bike I do respect and congratulate him for his work in the cancer community. People who have not had someone close to them who believed in Lance and got strength and inspiration from his fight will truly understand just what he means to those who are fighting with every thing they have just to see the sun another day. My mother really could have given a shit what he did as a cyclist. For her and millions like her all they cared about was he survived when doctors told him he wouldn’t. That is what they need. Hope and the knowledge that someone did get sucked into that pit and did crawl out.


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