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Big Ring Cycling Jersey – Kit

Big Ring Jersey

I know it is July and I should be talking about A Tour of France but honestly I have yet to watch a stage. Not hating just busy with a lot of “stuff”. Anyway yes it is July and likely hot as balls where you are but that does not mean it is too early […]

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Crusher In The Tushar Bike 2015

cyclocross wheels

Was goofing around on Periscope yesterday talking about my Crusher In The Tushar bike set up for 2015. Let me know what you think about the set up and about Periscope in the comments. BTW my username on Periscope is the same as my Twitter name: @REvBigRing I pretty much live on smoothies

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New MTB Parts!

I did a little upgrade to the MTB and made a little poorly filmed video of the unboxing. Anyone else running the SRAM/Shimano combo? I got all this sweet gear from Competitive Cyclist, they rule!

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Look Quartz Review

I actually shot this clip in 2011 and if anything my opinion of the Look Quartz pedals has gone up. I have ridden them in every cindition possible and never had a problem clipping in or clipping out. The Sidi Dragon 2 shoes I have found to be a great shoe for mountain biking. Super […]

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