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Race To Lose (maybe)

“You’re gonna go out, you’re gonna start a fight with a total stranger. … You’re gonna start a fight and you’re gonna lose.”- Tyler Pick a fight! Enter a race you know you have know idea how to win. If you are a climber race some crits. Punch the field in the face and see […]

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Spring Classic Fever

gravel road cycling

As I was laid out by the “shit your pants I hope I die soon” flu this weekend I had a lot of time on my hands to watch some bike racing online. I freaking love the Spring Classics. They are the most pure form of racing. One day to make it or break it. […]

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Training Camp

shawn desending

Spring is starting to tease us with longer days, warming, temps, and the start of The Classics. A winter of fat bikes and trainer workouts leave us wanting to get outside and really rev the engines. For those us in winter climates this means loading up the car and driving south in search of dry […]

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Top 10 Tom Danielson Excuses

top 10

I wrote about Tommy the first time we won TofU. Lame 10.) Tyler’s Chimera 9.) The water in Utah is full of T so the Mormons can breed 8.) Obama 7.) Chemtrails 6.) Tilford spiked my drink so he could write about me 5.) It is the only way to get a Grand Fondo named […]

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Big Ring Worship

The following is from Brother Shawn Kingrey. We first got to know each other thorugh Mark Twight and his amazing Gym Jones project. When it comes to training, racing and living Big Ring Brother Shawn gets it! -The Rev After about my forth hard pull on the front one of my competitors asked are you […]

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Tour de France Wrap

Sven nys

Wow the Alps certainly brought some great action as always. First off congrats to Chris Froome on winning his 2nd Tour de France. He rode a great race and had to deal with some classless “fans” and media along the way. Team Sky was always on the front and always had his back. Really impressive. […]

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Who Will Wear The Jersey?

Gumby Jersey

Update: If you are reading this today July 23 the timeline below makes no sense since I wrote it late last night but forgot to hit publish in my cheap beer and NyQuil induce fog. Anyway none of what I said played out which keeps my race prediction record at a perfect 100% wrong. Consistency […]

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The Tour So Far

cyclocross run up

The overall race so far has been pretty boring unless you are a Chris Froome fan. Honestly I am starting to come around a bit. His attack to take yellow was pretty bad ass and that little FU sprint he did to gain a second against Quintana was pretty cool too. He is more fiesty […]

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The Joker: Oleg Tinkov

Oleg Tinkov

I go back and forth on my opinion of Oleg Tinkov. He has no filter and says whatever he wants with zero fucks given, his Twitter feed is a stream of consciousness look into the mind of a madman. That, I like. I don’t always agree with what he says but generally I think he […]

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Obligatory Tour of France Predictions Post

So I guess I need to make some predictions about A Tour Of France? I am more of a Classics guy myself and honestly Grand Tours kind of bore me. The mountain stages are cool when the big boys come out to play but for the most part it is conservative defensive racing which kind […]

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