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Sometimes The Little Ring Is Big

Ice Bath

We all like to go hard. The challenge of pushing and redefining our limits is what gets us out on the bike every day. Racking up the miles, catting up, standing on the podium is all very addictive and just makes us want to go hard all the time. ┬áThis must be how the pro’s […]

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Quality Of Effort?

I am not as fast as I use to be. There are a few reasons for this with the main one being I have not put in the time I need on the bike. Yes I am hitting the gym, eating reasonably well, sleeping well etc. But the plain fact is I am lacking miles. […]

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Listen and Learn

When I was a young Cat 4 and learning the ropes, I quickly found a secret source of information. I would listen to the Cat 1-2 guys on my team as the debriefed after the races. I listened to how the race went down, who did what right, who did what wrong and when the […]

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Lessons of The Koppenberg

8, that is how many wins Sven Nys has at the Koppenberg Cross. I would argue that Koppenberg is probably the hardest course the big guns face all season. It is always muddy, the uphills are low cadence grinders, the downhills are “hang off your seat and hope for the best” tests of courage. Pretty […]

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