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Slugfest At The Vuelta

big ring cyclocross socks

The Tour of France is the least entertaining of the Grand Tours. The Giro and The Vuelta have had the best racing this side of the Classics for a while now. Take a look at the last 5k (around the 20:00 minute mark) of Stage 9. It is like watching a UFC fight where they […]

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Look Quartz Review

I actually shot this clip in 2011 and if anything my opinion of the Look Quartz pedals has gone up. I have ridden them in every cindition possible and never had a problem clipping in or clipping out. The Sidi Dragon 2 shoes I have found to be a great shoe for mountain biking. Super […]

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Euro ‘Cross Action

Man you gotta love the interwebs. Whatever you are into you can find. You say you like it dirty? I have the fix. Check out the Cylocrossable Channel on YouTube for the latest races across the pond. From what I can tell some blokes in Britain are behind this and god love them. The commentary […]

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MacAskill vs. Hoy

Check this out, a non doping post on a cycling blog. Crazy. After watching this I have determined I need a derney, seriously. Not sure about the Poc helmet though. Competitive Cyclist supports all things Big Ring

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Cauberg Curb Stomp

BMC finally got their moneys worth from Gilbert. He was MIA in the classics but 2 stage wins at the Vuelta was a good sign that he was finding him race legs. The lead in to the Cauberg was insane with the Belgians and Italians drilling the shit out of it on the front fro […]

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