Cauberg Curb Stomp

BMC finally got their moneys worth from Gilbert. He was MIA in the classics but 2 stage wins at the Vuelta was a good sign that he was finding him race legs. The lead in to the Cauberg was insane with the Belgians and Italians drilling the shit out of it on the front fro Gilbert and Nibali. Nibali never really attacked he just pulled through. Gilbert attacked. Holy shit did he attack!

When Gilbert got to the top of the Cauberg with a gap it was all over. No one was going to bring this back. Classy win from a classy rider. Less classy was Friere crying about Valverde not waiting for him? This just proves what a bunch of pussies sprinters are. They are the middle management of cycling. Sitting back while the team does all the work then jumping in at the last minute to take all the credit. Fuck them. Oscar if you wanted to be there at the finish get your ass over the climb. If Valverde had waited you still would not have caught Gilbert and Spain would have no medals.

As dominant as Gilbert was it was nothing compared to the top rope pile driver Mariane Vos delivered. World cyclocross Champion, Olympic Road Race Champion and now World Champion. All just this season! Here palmares even make Eddy looki like a dilettante. Check this shit out.

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