Cycling “Fans”

Cycling fans are never happy. Last year everyone bitched that Wiggins was boring, following wheels and waiting for the TT. This year we have Froome attacking every Mt. stage in yellow and blowing the hell out of the race. Now is it all doping talk, power files, VAM bullshit. I have no idea if Froome is doping. His attacks seem different to me than in the Armstrong days. Armstrong, Pantani, Contador, etc would launch insane accelerations out the saddle for a K at a time. On Ventoux yesterday I saw Porte tempo the field to pieces and Froome finish it off with seated accelerations. He surged a few times on Quintana gaining a few bike lengths and Quintana would claw it back. When the elastic finally snapped you could see the change in Quintanas body language and cadence. Getting dropped is as much mental as physical. Froome and Sky are in everyone’s head right now.

If Froome and Sky are doping they will get caught. Maybe not this year though. The whole Armstrong mess shows there is no shelf life for doping. Samples will be saved and retested as the labs catch up to the dopers. As long as Pat McQuaid does not get re-elected… We as fans don’t need to be throwing our own sport under the bus. You think 300 lb. American footbal players that run 4.5 40’s are clean? Cycling has done more than any other sport to fight doping and while far from perfect it is miles ahead of any sport I can think of. I do believe the peleton is cleaner than it was. Look at Contador. He can’t climb or TT the way he did before his ban. If that guys is clean that tells me the testing is getting better and harder to beat. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the show.

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