Deal With It

I slipped a pedal, lapper took my line, chain skipped….. On and on it goes.  At the end of every cyclocross race the list of excuses is endless.  In the end the place you got is the place you deserve.  Why did you wait til the last lap to attack?  Why did you take that line? Because you did, now deal with it.  You think the guy who beat you didn’t take bad lines or deal with lapped riders? A cyclocross race should be a series of linked recoveries.  If you are not on the verge of crashing, blowing you wad or throwing up then you are giving a half assed effort and should probably take up golf.

Don’t get me wrong I fall in that lame victim trap too and I am grateful when people call me on it (did it yesterday in fact). I like to think I do it less than I used to when I was young and dumb(er).  Don’t cheapen the effort of those who beat you. Celebrate their success, be happy they are making you raise your game.  As you shake their hand, in the back of your mind you should be plotting how you will beat them next week. Ya, deal with it.


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