Dopers Don’t Deserve Your Respect

Way back in the day (’98 or so) I was sorta fast on the MTB. I raced Pro for the SoBe Cannondale team. On a good day I would be in the top 30 at a NORBA National (Greatest race series ever until USAC got a hold of it) I rode out of my skin one year at Big Bear and got 16th. BFD right? The there was a guy on that team for Connecticut named Tom. He was kind fast too, I would beat him, he would beat me but neither one of us was all that great. The year I started working a real job knowing a pro career was not in the cards for me. That same year I see this kid Tom finishing at the front at Tour of The Gila. Half joking I said at the time he must have found a good pharmacy over the winter. Fast forward to 2013 he has made millions riding his bike and after sitting out a joke of a ban just won Tour of Utah.

The thing about doping is the benefits last forever. You can train and race at an intensity that clean riders can only dream of. So when you stop (get caught) the benefits of all those enhanced miles (years worth) stick with you. The prize money you stole, the contract money you stole you keep. When you get caught you get a slap on the wrist and are welcomed back to your team. Then as they get a bit long in the tooth most of these guys name a Grand Fondo after themselves to benefit some charity which is great but ya know, John Gotti gave a lot of his ill gotten money to the poor as well. Does that make him any less of a scumbag?


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