Good On Ya Mate

If you didn’t see the final of yesterdays Fleche Wallone then take a minute (or 10) to watch the following video:

That my friends is how it is done. Cadel showed not only supreme strength but also supreme confidence as he sat back and let Contador lead it out up the Mur de Huy. That was experience right there, Cadel has done this race a few times and has seen what the Mur does to guys in the last 200 meters. Having dished my share of shit Cadels way in the past I am very happy to see him riding with such class. Hopefully this is Cadel 2.0 and we are going to see more wins from him. For him every win is a nice way to say “Get a wooly dog up ya” to all his doubters as well. Well done mate, well done.

So as not to be all hater all the time when it comes to Contador I will give a tip of the hat to him for actually racing a full season. He has already won 3(?) stage races this year and came damn close to winning on the Mur. It is good to see a Grand Tour Champion show up to races to actually race. I am sick of Armstrong pissing on every race he does (except Leadville where he shows up with a posse of hired goons to beat a 45 y/old Masters racer) by telling everyone he is “just here for training”. Bullshit, take a page from Eddy and win some other races. Fleche Wallone is a race that Lance has actually won before fer Hell sakes! If anything Contador is showing it is possible to be a factor in months other than July. Based on what I saw yesterday if I was a Schleck I know who I would be keeping a short leash on at Leige.


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