Gravity Storm

What in the hell is going on over in France? I have not seen much of the coverage the past two stages but seriously all these crashes are nuts. This is what happens when you have basically no selective stages in the first week, 50 guys separated by 15 seconds. Now even the no hoper teams like Saur-Sojasun (bet you can’t name a single rider there without Google) think they need to be on the front. 200 guys in le Tour, they all can’t be up front. Anyway that is my 2 cents on that.

You all know I like to shovel the shit at The Shack and Sky but I hope you all see that it is tongue in cheek. They both kind of set themselves up for it and I could not really call myself a smart ass if I didn’t jump all over that shit. Right? I take no joy in seeing Horner and Wiggo have to leave the race. They are good dudes I am sure and I don’t wish crashing on anyone (except Ricco, that guy is poison). So no joke, I hope those guys heal up fast and can salvage some late season races.

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