Have You Accepted The Big Ring?

From reading the Bible I found out that Jesus died on the ‘cross for our sins.  The Church of The Big Ring interprets that to mean that cyclocross is the most sacred of all the velo sports.  The hour of power, where the faithful give all and look deep into the abyss to find the strength and courage to reach new levels of piousness through blood atonement. 

This weekend in the very land of Madonna Del Ghisallo the strongest of brothers and sisters will line up and see who the velo Gods smile most favorably on.  Can Sister Compton overcome her afflictions and enter her name to list of immortals?  Will Brother Nys find the divinity he seemed to grasp earlier but seems to have lost?

Let us pray:

God of ‘cross I call you, my bike
is ready to go.
I seek a ride of glory, and free
of EPO.
I’ll attack the runs with fury, and on
my pedals I’ll wail.
Lord make me ride a recumbant, If I should
ever fail.

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