Hipster Dipshits Ruin Everything

I didn’t make it to the big Interbike festival this year so I didn’t see any of this first hand. From Cyclingnews.com

The race was marred by disrespectful fans along the course who threw beer in the riders’ faces each time they passed, causing Van der Haar to tell video broadcasters after the race that he would never return.

OK hipsters the gloves are coming off. I don’t care that you are so brain dead that the only way you can enjoy watching the best riders in the world is to drink massive amounts of shitty beer. Go for it drink all you want. What I do care about is you have so little respect for the sport (and yourself) that you think it is ok to spray professional athletes with said shitty beer in an attempt to prove to you other shit head hipster friends that you are an OG cross “fan”. Fuck you. I get that you probably played t-ball with no score keeping, went to a Montessori school, had graduation ceremonies from (pre-school, elementary school, Jr. high and high school) all while gathering a shit ton of participation ribbons but not ever actually accomplishing anything along the way. Competition is not in your blood, you are afraid of it, it has been bred out of you. You limit your competition to the cycling versions of t-ball. Cyclocross (in a costume on a single speed), some form of LIT/alleycat, single speed “worlds”, or Gold Sprints. That is fine go have fun, get drunk, and be ironic. Cycling is friggin’ awesome no matter how you do it.

There are plenty of places in Vegas where you can go and be a drunk asshole. A professional bike race isn’t one of them. Some people choose to not self limit themselves, who have the courage to really try and see what they are capable of. They dedicate themselves to a goal that requires 24/7 commitment. That should be respected not mocked. If your good time involves deliberately fucking with someone who is trying to make a living, that does not make you cool that makes you an asshole. Your parents should have said no to you and probably given the occasional ass whopin’.

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