I Am a D-Bag/Why I Doped

The Lance/Bruyneel house of cards is finally imploding on the weight of the self serving lies and broken dreams of clean riders. Today in the Wall Street Journal Levi Leipheimer gave his self serving reason for why he cheated. Why he stole from clean riders:

I regret that this was the state of affairs in the sport that we love and I chose as my career. I am sorry that I was forced to make the decisions I made. I admit that I didn’t let doping deter me from my dream. I admit that I used banned substances

Yes poor Levi was just a victim, he didn’t have a choice. Eat shit Levi you had a choice and you chose to stomp on the dreams of clean riders. You chose the pay check. You are a liar. Scott Mercier faced the same choice with Postal and he left the sport with his integrity intact. How many top level domestic pros decided to stay stateside because they knew what they would need to do to “pursue their dreams”. You had a choice and even now you are taking the cowards way out and saying you had no choice.

Right or wrong, in my mind the choice was “do it or go home.” For me that was not a choice

No you chose to force clean riders to go home. You fed the greed machine. How many riders did not get contracts because there was no room in the budget because you and your stolen results warranted a bloated salary. Again don’t try and sound like a victim. You knew what you were doing. Own it.

Everyone is human and we all have our weakness. I was never good enough during my “pro” career to have to make the choice Levi and the others made. Dope does not replace talent. Faced with that choice I really can’t say I would have made the right choice either. I mean look at what it gets you. Levi is a wealthy man, lives in one of the most expensive and beautiful places in the world, hob knobs with B list celebrities. All from being able to ride a bike really fucking fast. What would you be willing to do to get that?

I know it is easy for me to sit on my high horse and pass judgement and that is not what I am trying to do. I never had to make those decisions so it is hypocritical at best for me or anyone to say what they would have done. What I am saying is don’t pretend you didn’t have a choice. You made the choice you made, accept it and don’t try to spin it.


Nice to see Vande Velde and Zabriskie come clean and not play the I had no choice card. Solid guys.

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