– Big ups to Big Ringer Burke “T-Bird” Swindlehurst for a fine performance at the Tour of The Gila.  If there was a title of Mr. Gila I think T-Bird would hands down be owner of that, he is The Gila Monster. 14 starts, 3 GC wins, and numerous stage wins.  Pretty impressive stuff.

– Another big performance from the 801 came from homegirl Alisha Welsh.  She finished 3rd in the Mogollon stage in her 1st pro race.  I think she was a Cat 4 last year, crazy big motor on that girl.  Her husband Dave is no slouch either but I think he is going to have his hands full pretty soon trying to hang on the climbs. If I was a Pro team manager I would have her on the short list to sign for sure.

– Who saw the Romandie coverage yesterday?  Garmin/Slipstream was friggin’ killing it.  A bad line in the final turn was the only thing that stopped Farrar from giving the “5 across the eyes” to Friere and the rest of the sprinters.  Damn! I think we will see some fireworks at the Giro from Farrar (and DZ).


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