Obligatory Tour of France Predictions Post

So I guess I need to make some predictions about A Tour Of France? I am more of a Classics guy myself and honestly Grand Tours kind of bore me. The mountain stages are cool when the big boys come out to play but for the most part it is conservative defensive racing which kind of sucks. That said I still watch most of the stages. Watching does get me fired up to go train for cyclocross season in triple digits

SO who is gonna win? I have a pretty terrible record of predicting winners so I will just revert to my own internal popularity contest.  I am hoping for a Nairo Quintana win. I think he shows a lot of class and to win he has to go on the attack before the Time Trials.  I have not been a huge Alberto Contador fan historically but again he is not afraid to attack either. His TT seems to have slipped in the past few years so he may be looking to throw down in the hills.  Chris Froome? Super talented and super boring.  His style of racing is exactly why I find Grand Tours boring. He may attack a bit in the mountains but the more likely scenario is to go hard enough to stay with the leaders, smash the TT and then bore everyone to death.  Effective yes, exciting no. What about last years champ Nibali?  He no doubt benefited last year from the crashes but to say he got lucky isn;t accurate either. He raced with heart and panache last year. This year he seems to be a bit off but seems to be coming around.  He had this to say in Velonews:

“Froome impressed on the climbs in the Dauphiné. Quintana, though, is the most dangerous for me,” Nibali said

At least someone agrees with me.


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