Over and Out

Another Cross season has come and gone. I hope it was everything you hoped it would be. I ended my season at the National Cyclocross Championships in Kansas City. Until this year I have never finished lower than 11th at National’s. I ended that streak with a 22nd place this year. Not what I was hoping for but, I know I left it all on the track. The thing about Masters racing is, at the end of the day there is 1 dude that is happy and 130 dudes who say they should have won. Maybe next year.

Now on to the good. I got to meet Brother Wilson Lee who has been keeping you all up to date on ‘cross Arizona style. Look for more reports from him as the MTB season starts in Jan. Hopefully I can make it down and do my best to not hit cholla and get an early season tanline. The Pro races were off the hook. Katie Compton is probably the most dominant cyclist I have seen since the heyday of Juli Furtado. She just owns cross right now. Big Ringer Rachel Lloyd did us all proud with a sweet 3rd place in what she says will be her last cross nats. Maybe we can get some comments from her on that?

On the mens side Ryan Trebon pushed the Biggest Ring of them all. I know he has a lot of haters out there but when the big man is on he is unstoppable. He is an all or nothing type of racer. I really hope he can hold the good form and get some good rides in on the other side of the pond. Jamie Driscoll was the revelation of the weekend. He went with Josh Anthony’s attack early on and I figured he would come back and not be seen at the front again. Man, I was way off. He kept Trebon honest and help off Page for a inspired 2nd place in his 1st Elite season. Well played Brother!

Gotta give a shout to my homeboys Ali Goulet and Sam Kreig. They pushed the Big Ring to 2nd and 4th in the Master 30-34 race. If you ever run into either one be sure to say hi, they are 2 of the most approachable down to earth pro’s you will ever meet.

This winter in addition to our normal regimine of base miles, Chimay, and skiing, we will be deep in our secret underground lab working on new products to add to the Big Ring catalog.


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