Quality Of Effort?

I am not as fast as I use to be. There are a few reasons for this with the main one being I have not put in the time I need on the bike. Yes I am hitting the gym, eating reasonably well, sleeping well etc. But the plain fact is I am lacking miles. If you are gonna race bikes you gotta ride bikes.

So given my current state I am going back and forth with what defines a good race for me? One of the things I believe in is we all have our own Big Ring. You don’t need to beat me or anyone else to be Big Ring. If your effort is a quality effort that is what is important right? Sort of. I absolutely do not believe in the idea that everyone gets a a ribbon just for showing up. Keeping score matters. So again what is a good result when you are not winning?

This is where ego gets in the way. We all want to think that we are doing our best when we race and train but is that reality? I know last Saturday I gave my all and ended up in 2nd place but does that make it a result I am happy with? My effort for that day was quality and I ended up with a good placing but my effort leading up to that day has not been quality. I know I have been slacking, I know I have missed opportunities to ride and I know I am capable of a lot more than what I am showing right now. I am not riding to my full potential and I know it. So while I am happy that I am still getting good placings I am not going to delude myself into thinking I am doing things right. Bitter truth but the truth none the less. Are you being honest with yourself?

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