Race To Lose (maybe)

“You’re gonna go out, you’re gonna start a fight with a total stranger. … You’re gonna start a fight and you’re gonna lose.”- Tyler

Pick a fight! Enter a race you know you have know idea how to win. If you are a climber race some crits. Punch the field in the face and see what happens. Attack, race like an idiot, they might let you go. Have fun race your bike like you were a kid again, no tactics, your only plan is just aggressive fun.

Every now and then I enter a race and just decide “fuck it”, when I get the itch I‘m fucking going for it. If I blow up or get caught so be it… This isn’t about being smart or trying to collect up grade points. It’s about fun! Remember this shit is supposed to be fun. Pretend you’re Jens Fuckin’ Voight, destroy yourself. Dig that fucking hole deep. If/when you get caught try and sit in, recover and do it all over again.

road bike downhill

I am sure you are tired of seeing master’s level teams trying to control a race like Team Sky in the Tour de France. Fuck that shit, throw a spanner in their plan. Being aggressive is fun. Let’s bring the fun back to racing. Let’s turn these races into brawls not chess matches. And when we cross the line high fives and celebrate, knowing you gave what you had and so did I.

Chances are you’re not getting paid for this shit anyways. You are more than likely racing for socks! So enjoy it, quit treating every race like it is World Championships. It is just a fucking bike race. It your hobby. It is you passion. Quit putting external meaning on a four corner parking lot crit. Bike racing is a pointless activity. Go race your bike. Have some fucking fun!

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