Race Report: Cinco De Mustache

This past Tuesday (May 5) saw the grandiose celebration of one of the greatest holidays of the year. This said holiday is of course “Cinco De Mustache!” The premise behind Cinco De Mustache is quite simple: one grows a mustache (or gets a fake one if physically impossible for one to do so), grabs bar hopping bicycle, meet up with 40 or so like minded individuals. Once the crew hath been gathered, the horde proceeds to various alcohol providing establishments to celebrate. The ports of call for the two wheeled horde include local favorites Cornish Pasty Co. (for $3 Irish car bombs), Boulders on Broadway (I think they ran out of PBR because of us, see elixir picture), Palo Verde Lounge, and Casey Moore’s Oyster House.

Brother Lee,


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