Refocus, Recalibrate

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.
Mike Tyson

If there is one thing I have learned in the past year it is plans are a good starting point but the finish is usually not in the original plan. 2 huge loses changed my world entirely and suddenly the bike seemed pretty insignificant. Both loses can’t be undone though I spent a lot of time thinking one of them could be. I was too stupid to see that it couldn’t and I wasted a lot of emotional energy trying to convince myself otherwise. Lesson learned. Pick up the pieces and move on.

2012 saw me recommit to the bike. I was lucky enough to convince the amazing crew at Gym Jones to allow me to train there and the process of unfucking my head was well underway. A mild winter got me out on the bike and that relationship had been reborn. Miles were logged, fitness improving, and confidence climbing. Now I needed a target or in this case targets. The Crusher for sure would be a goal. Last year I did 2 recon trips, bought a 29er and was super fit. Then 5 days before the race one of the biggest kick in the nuts I am ever likely to recieve ended that plan. So ya, unfinished business to take care of this year. Another goal this year is MTB Nationals. I figured since they are in Sun Valley I might as well. the only hurdle there is I needed to qualify. No problem there is a qualification race at Deer Valley. Easy peasy. Except it wasn’t. I only make it through 1.5 laps before a sliced sidewall took me out of the running. Shit. That is the problem with not having a back up plan. There are a few more qualifiers in the west but they all require 7+ hour drives which isn’t gonna happen. No big deal, I still have The Crusher.

I still want to do a National Championship event this year. So that leaves either Master Road Nats or MTB Marathon Nats. Honestly despite having a kick ass new road bike that I love riding I am sort of burned out on the road. So Marathon Nats it is. This means September is gonna be a huge month for racing in the dirt for me. PCP2P, Marathon Nats, and Bear Lake Monster Cross. By my guestimation that is 16-18 hours of racing! Hot damn. That means I will have a huge base heading into cross season. My guess is I will be a bit flat for the first few weeks as I transition from huge miles to the intesity of cross.

So the whole point of this is a major goal is now off the table but that does not mean my season is a bust or all he work have done is for nothing. The thing about racing is there is always another race, always a reason to move forward. Refocus and recalibrate. We all get knocked down, it is what you do when you get back up that defines you.

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