Road Season Summary

Since if have been MIA since the start of A Tour of France I thought I would blurt out a few sentence fragments about my thoughts on the pro road season since then. Here goes:

-Schlecks need to learn to win
-Cadel has the heart of a lion
-Gilbert is a honey badger
-Contador actually showed some class at A Tour
-Tour of Utah was awesome!
-Real Cyclist team should have been in the Colorado race(whatever the heck they ended up naming it)
-UCI and USAC need to be destroyed and rebuilt with people who care about the sport
-Saw my first Cross Vegas, it rocked
-Levi may be bland and boring but he gets results and really could give a shit what we think
-If I have to say Leo-pard Trek then I am also going to say Rad-e-o Shack
-Horner has shit luck, hope he stays healthy for next year.
-Basso can’t hang without the dope
-Was there a Vuelta this year?

Bring on cyclocross!

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