Spring Classic Fever

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As I was laid out by the “shit your pants I hope I die soon” flu this weekend I had a lot of time on my hands to watch some bike racing online. I freaking love the Spring Classics. They are the most pure form of racing. One day to make it or break it. Not some lame 3 weeks or mostly uneventful racing that comes down to the TT. That said there was some very eventful stage racing going on last week that gives us a peek into who is ready for the Classics.

Tirreno-Adriatico was pretty epic. Stybar, Gaviria, Jungels, Sagan, Boasson-Hagen, Van Avermaet all made a lot of noise and showed some wattage. Stybar on stage 2 was impressive (go to 48:10)

Van Avermaet is looking really good as well but I wonder if he is too fast too early? Sagan seems to be right where he needs to be and probably isn’t too worried. Right now though Etixx-Quickstep is the team to beat. They have so many options for San Remo with Stybar, Gaviria, and Boonen. They do tend to blow it tactically though so who knows.

What do you think? Who looks good to you this season?

…and the lord said unto Eddy “The road to my kingdom shall be ridden in thy Big Ring. Do not be tempted by the song of the 39 for that is the true number of the beast” hearing that, he rose from the saddle and smote thy enemies.

-Book of Revolutions: Verse 53:11

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