State Of The Big Ring

Hey there big ringers. It has been a while since I have posted regularly on here. The last 18 months I have lost my way in a lot of areas for a number of reasons. I like to think I have grown a lot in that time and have gained a new perpective on riding my bike and life in general. So what does all this mean for Big Ring? Big things! Yesterday I opened my big mouth on twitter:

Shooting my mouth off on Twitter

Time to walk the walk

So clearly it is time for me to stop fucking around. I have been training at Gym Jones all winter and strength wise I feel great. I trust those guys completely and know it is paying off big for me. My time on the bike has been minimal though. That ends today. Point here is The Rev is coming back in a big way. Do I think I can win The Crusher? Yes I really do but I have a shit-load of work to do. I need to drop 12-15lbs without losing power. No problem the Gym Jones crew has my back on that. What I need to do is the miles. Lots of miles. I am going in with the intention of winning, if I don’t then sure i will have egg on my face but honestly I don’t care what anyone thinks. I have a score to settle with that race and as long as I do the work and ride to my potential I will consider my turnaround complete. For me The Crusher is a marker. The point where I went off the rails. Curb stomping that race on my 3rd attempt will close the door on a lot of demons for me.

So where does that leave this site? I am going to make a commitment to post regular updates here on my progress. Not really a training log per say but more of a narrative of what I am doing and thinking along the way. I want to do more equipment reviews, more video. Here is where I need some help. I would love to have people contribute content to the site. Pictures, videos, motivating stories etc. I want to build Big Ring into more of a community. The Wolfe and I are going to be doing a facelift on the site so bear with us in the near term. Keep an eye on the storefront as well as we will be adding items and updating inventory.


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