Talansky Confirms

Andrew Talansky has just won Stage 3 of Paris Nice and is in yellow. That is friggin’ awesome. Talansky has gotten a lot of buzz about his talent and his very vocal criticism of the doping culture. I gotta say I like his style. Despite the wrecking ball from Texas and the total lack of leadership from USAC I would say pro cycling has a really bright future here in the US of A. On the road we have Talansky, Van Garderen, and Phinney Already getting results in the deep end.

Comboy Up!

A totally unrelated picture of a rodeo

It will be interesting to see how Garmin does in defending the yellow over the next few days. My guess is there will be some real fireworks on Fridays summit finish. A quick glance at the GC and it would seem Quickstep has the most to gain with Chavanel @ 4seconds back. Fucking A, it’s bike season!

I got my Garmin at Backcountry.com, tell them The Rev sent ya!

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