Brothers and sisters the time has come to bear testimony to the power of The Big Ring.  Head over to the Forums and put to parchment (cyber) your version of what living in The Big Ring means to you.  For you efforts I will be awarding TCOTBR apparel to the best testimony. 

There is also a 2nd contest inspired by Brother Flahute.  The person who can prophesize the Day of Reckoning for Rock Racing will also win TCOTBR apparel.  Please understand we really hope Rock Racing will rise above the sinful Pride shown by Mr. Ball and become an honorable team.  The Big Ring is open to redemption and the sins of the past can be forgiven and overcome by the truly repentant.

Let us pray:

Hail Eddy at the head of the race, the tifosi is with thee;
blessed art thou among the peleton, and blessed is the fruit of thy faithful domestiques,
Holy Eddy Father of Axel, pray for us sinners at our hour on the rivet.

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