The Rut

Yup, we all get in them. In a lot of ways I am in a massive one that no ones really needs to hear about. One place I am not in a rut is in my training and riding, not this year anyway. After taking last season off (somewhat intentionally) I had a lot of questions about how my body held up with no racing or real training to speak of. I knew I had to do something radical as I have never really had a break from the bike since 1989.

I really don’t like the gym. At least the traditional globo gym where meatheads look at themselves in mirrors and grunt a lot. That for me is a recipe to not go. I knew I needed something different. I found it at my team mate Mark Twights creation Gym Jones. For me it was the perfect place to unfuck my head and start to feel like an athlete again. The workouts I do with Bobby Maximus have torn me down and built me up in a way I was not expecting. Every Monday and Wed morning I walked in the door with a curious mix of dread and excitement. Would this be the day I crack? Most days the answer was yes. And it was glorious. The point isn’t that you should go find a gym it is you could probably stand to mix things up too.

Being on the bike for 20+ years your body adapts and becomes very efficient and being on the bike which is good for the most part. It also though gives you a false sense of accomplishment. You know what you can do. You set up boundries that you don’t even know are there and you stay in that box. Performance stagnates, the brain accepts the lies as truth. You don’t fight for that wheel on the last lap because you’re not a sprinter, you let the gap open at the start of the climb because you are not a climber, you ride the same routes. You train your strenghts. Unfuck your head.

Slash and burn, it is the only way out. Do something different tomorow. Sprint for yellow signs, even if you are alone. Ride your usual route backwards. Take your coffee black instead of with sugar. Anything, just change something. Then tommorrow change something else. Unfuck your head.


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