The Tour So Far

cyclocross run up

The overall race so far has been pretty boring unless you are a Chris Froome fan. Honestly I am starting to come around a bit. His attack to take yellow was pretty bad ass and that little FU sprint he did to gain a second against Quintana was pretty cool too. He is more fiesty than maybe I gave him credit for. Also the stage that Stybar wan was great. So cool to see a cyclocross guy throw down.

The only person in the tour who doesn’t think the GC race is over is Nairo Quintana. He is the only one who still seems to want to race. 3+ minutes is a lot but one bad day in the Alps can eat that up pretty quick. Contador is blown. Nibali is blown. Van Garderen just does not have the snap to attack. Quintana is our only hope.

cyclocross run up

Everyone Racing. Unlike The Tour

All the dope talk is getting really old. Jalabert needs to STFU. Cycling does more to shot itself in the foot than any other sport I can think of. When was the last time you heard an NFL announcer openly accuse any of those ‘roided up freak shows of doping? Meanwhile people will call out Lance Armstrong for participation in a charity ride that will raise millions of dollars for cancer research. These same jack asses apparently don’t see a problem with guys like Christian Vande Velde or Jalabert still working in the sport. Makes no sense to me.

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