This Is Gonna Hurt

The first race of the UTCX Series is this Saturday. Normally I would be chomping at the bit to throw down after a summer of training my ass off. This year I have been struggling to make training work around a less than optimal work schedule combined with a ton off off bike distractions.  The end result is I am in terrible shape.  At this point even having a bike built and ready to race is iffy.

Still though I think I can salvage the season as long as I can pull my head out and get some reasonable training in.  I have come to grips with the fact I will most likely be getting my ass kicked for the near futre, hell maybe even the entire season. I am ok with that, sort of.  I will miss all the Sunday races due to work and will be lucky to score any points in October so a series win is not gonna happen. Given the vertical nature of the Mt Ogden course and my current weight a state title is gonna be a very tall order.  Anyway, I will be racing as many races as I can and hopefully find some fitness before the end of the season.

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