Tour de France Wrap

Sven nys

Wow the Alps certainly brought some great action as always. First off congrats to Chris Froome on winning his 2nd Tour de France. He rode a great race and had to deal with some classless “fans” and media along the way. Team Sky was always on the front and always had his back. Really impressive. Quintana and Movistar lobbed some pretty big grenades in the Alps and Froome held on.

I hate playing the “what if” card. Froome won, Quntana didn’t is all there really is to know. That said. What if Quintana and Movistar had not been caught out in the crosswinds? From

“I leave the race satisfied. We lost the Tour into the first week, but I’ll stay content after all good things we found during this race: I’ve got an excellent team, which always took care and supported me, and we all are happy with this.” Quintana said of the race.

I don’t know the inner workings of Movistar but someone really screwed up that day. A crosswind is a gift from the gods and a chance to create your own reality. How many times did we see Armstrong’s teams use it to shatter the race early? It shouldn’t be a surprise. As team captain some of blame falls on Quintana. He should have had his troops in place when the wind switched. More of the blame falls on team management. They should have been on the radio and made it clear that it was time to get to work. Either way it is inexcusable at the Pro Tour level to get shelled in a crosswind.

Is it cyclocross season yet?

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