USA Cycling Hates Cyclocross

Remember the NORBA National Series? It was once a huge circus of MTB goodness that attracted the best racers from around the world. That is until USA Cycling got it’s mitts on it. Not content with ruining MTB Racing in this country it looks like the brain trust dead In Colorado Springs are looking to do the same with cyclocross. You see for USAC Cyclocross Nationals are nothing more than a huge money grab for them.. They don’t support the racers, promotors or fans. If you make the Worlds team guess what? You pay for your own trip while the do nothings in Colorado Springs sit back and think of more ways to screw the riders and take credit for a massively popular and growing segment of the sport they do nothing to help.

Rather than limit entries to Cat1-2 riders for a National Championships USAC has a give us your money and you are in policy of qualifying. This means 200+ riders in the Masters fields. Where you start has a lot to do with where you finish in these races so you would think a lot of thought would go into figuring this out. In the past there has really been no effort at all to even address this until last year. In a shocking display of proactive problem solving USAC devised a time trial to determine start order. It had a few detractors but in all honesty did an excellent job of sorting out the grid. Now your starting order was something you could actually have a say in. Problem solved right? Um ya…

So now USAC says they will be using a ranking system using “an innovative algorithm” to rank riders. WTF? I am pretty sure no one in Colorado Springs know what an algorithm is much less how to use one. Here is the biggest problem with this whole mess:

To ensure as fair and accurate a process as possible, USA Cycling is requesting all cyclo-cross race directors to submit results to USA Cycling in an accurate and timely fashion.

If you live in a state like UT,OR, CO where cyclocross is for the most part not held back by USAC how are your races being counted, if at all? Here in UT we have an amazing and growing cyclocross scene partially because we do not have USAC and their officials screwing up our events. Some of the the things we have here are. Fast accurate results, happy racers not getting yelled, quick and easy registration. Which based on what I have seen at the road races I have done the last few years are unheard of at USAC events.

USAC is a giant parasite on cyclocross. They funnel millions into a moribund track program all in the name of the Olympics all while shitting on cyclocross. Hell, the Olympics don’t even care about track cycling. Cyclocross should get as far away from USAC as soon as possible.

If you have any doubt how much USAC direspects cyclocross racers think about this. When asked why in god’s name they are moving Cyclocross Nats to January (in friggin’ Wisconsin), USAC dip shits said it was so our riders (who they don’t support) would be better prepared for Worlds. Bullshit, if anyone other than Jonathan Page and Katie Compton had any interest in not getting lapped at worlds they would be in Belgium slogging through cow shit all season with the best riders in the world, not doing dirt crits here beating up on Steve Tilford (no offense to Steve, who is awesome).

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