Weekend Edition

Brothers and Sisters thank you for a great first week. The message of The Big Ring is reaching more people by the day. Our flock is growing. I would like to thank my brothers at Drunk Cyclist and Ride Trash for doing their part to deliver the gospel. They grasp what it means to live in the Big Ring, they are on the path to righteousness. Living in The Big Ring is a lifestyle, it is not something that is just done at a Sunday service. It is not a faith of convenience. Year round commuters, messengers, clean Pro Tour riders (yes they exist), these guys, they know.
There is a growing community of new fixed gear riders. Every coffee shop, indy record store has a bike rack filled with them. Many choose to mock and belittle these new riders as poseurs, trend sponges, etc. That may be true but when the pendulum of the fashion conscious swings to the next flavor of the month many who were initially attracted due to the hip factor will stay. The enlightened will see the simplicity, genius and beauty the bike brings to the world. We all started our journey somewhere. I myself started in the Mt. Bike golden years of the late 80’s and I am still here. There is no us and them. We are all united in our passion for the velo. It does not matter how we got here only that we are here. The terminally hip that leave with the next big thing, well it was nice to have you. The ones that stay, welcome.

If you are in the 801 be sure and stop by the Urban Lounge on Jan. 24 for the Salt City Sprints. They have some great sponsors/prizes and promises to be as much fun as riding indoors can possibly be.

Ride On

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