Who’s Next?

So Boonen and Cancellara have thrown their hats in the ring as contenders for the northern Classics. Boonoen not only save the day for Quickstep by getting Levi in the break but then he throws down for the win at Paris Nice. He already proved he has the legs (if not the head) at Omloop but I am liking what I am seeing from Tom.

Cancellara pulled a Cancellara at Strade Bianche (how is this race not a bigger deal yet?) and just rode away. No tactics, just brute force. Impressive.

The question now is where are the rest? Flecha is always a strong man as shown at Omloop and Hushovd did make the break for a while before getting popped. I suspect Thor will be ready for Roubaix. Gilbert so far has been pretty quiet. Is he just waiting to show his hand? Sagan? Have not seen much of him either. Boassan Hagan was sick for Omloop, it would be nice to see him break of a big one this season. Others? What say you?

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