Wiggins Hour, The Legend

In my work as a strength coach I love giving people workouts that challenge them both physically and mentally. A favorite is the 2000 meter row for time on a Concept 2 erg. For guys 7 minutes is the standard. Does not sound too bad does it? Try it and get back to me. It is as big a mind fuck as I have ever done. Your pace and projected finish are staring you in the face the entire time. Your whole body is begging you to stop. Easing up just a little bit is so tempting. Watching my students react to this tells me a lot about how committed they are to really improving. Still though it is only 7 minute (give or take).

The hour record on the bike takes this concept to the next level. 60 minutes. 3600 seconds. 3600 chances to stop, 3600 chances to ease up. In VeloNews Wiggins said this about the hour:

“I’m just glad it’s done,” Wiggins told Sky Sports. “That’s the closest to knowing what it’s like to have a baby. It was tortuous. You’re counting down the minutes.”
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Legend. One thing I have always been impressed about with Brad is how he has been able to reinvent himself as a rider. From Olympic Champion on the track, Grand Tour winner, Classics contender and now back to track. The guy is relentless in charging towards the goals he selects. The definition of Big Ring.

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